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Supply Chain Management

At J2S Logistics, LLC, we control the visibility and efficiency of your supply chains from the beginning to the end. We understand that the supply chain is the lifeblood of any product-based industry. And we also understand that it can be complicated. That’s why we have engineered our Supply Chain Management (SCM) services to simplify and ease out our client’s logistics complexities. At J2S Logistics, LLC, we provide local and international infrastructure expertise to ensure a solid supply chain backbone for our client’s business. So not only do we help your business grow, but we also help you meet and exceed customer expectations.

Temperature Controlled Services

J2S Logistics, LLC offers you a full spectrum of temperature-controlled logistics, services, and integrated solutions. Our superior temperature-controlled solutions can meet your specialized temperature-controlled logistics or shipping needs. Our solutions are backed by extensive and reliable transportation services that include replenishments, real-time shipment status information, regulatory clearance, and project management. We create and offer a very secure and validated supply chain for your needs with a strong logistics and transportation network with an innovative range of services. Our innovative temperature-controlled solution ensures that your package/ product is safe and compliant in transport in frozen, chilled, and ambient conditions.


At J2S Logistics, LLC, we understand that the conventional warehousing procurement model is bold, unconventional, and filled with challenges and issues. And due to the high fluctuations in the high demand of supply chain, warehousing and warehouse solutions are proven inefficient. At J2S Logistics, LLC, we understand the wastage and the inefficiency of the current warehousing industry; that is why scaling up, we offer feature-proof warehousing services and solutions better suited to our client’s needs. As a result, our warehousing solutions are proven to provide a high capacity utilization, less lead times, no loss of opportunity and sales, sales increment, and a low fixed cost.

Customs Brokerage

J2S Logistics, LLC is one of the fastest-growing customs brokerage services providers. We help our importers and exporters process shipments, logistics, packages, freight through customs and other associated border agencies with relative ease. As a one-stop customs brokerage service provider, J2S Logistics, LLC also prepares the required documentation for clearing governmental agencies’ inspections and checking. Other than that, we also calculate taxes, including duties and other additional taxes, arrange inspections, transportation, and finally arrange for delivery. Chose J2S Logistics, LLC for the best

Order Management

At J2S Logistics, LLC, our Order Management system (OMS) uses modern technology to power the connections for one seamless solution. Our Order Management technology reduces the complexities of setting up and maintaining different systems and solutions. Unlike the old ways of thinking that prevented several companies from scaling, our order management service offers order fulfillment services. At J2S Logistics, LLC, we manage your businesses’ processes through our cutting-edge OMS with solid features and functionality, offering you a more powerful tool to optimize and flex your business.

Freight Transport

J2S Logistics, LLC offers a wide range of freight transportation, logistics, distribution, and shipping services from ocean to air to road and rail freight logistics. Whether you are looking for cross-country freight delivery or international shipment transport, J2S Logistics, LLC is an expert in providing transportation and logistics services tailored to your individual or business needs. With us, you will get a fast, reliable, and affordable trucking, transportation, and logistics company that offers personalized services and solutions to give your business exactly what it needs. At J2S Logistics, LLC, we offer flexible and end-to-end- freight transport, logistics, and shipping solutions.