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How To Properly Prepare Your Goods For LTL Shipping?

Less than Truckload (LTL) is the best way to transport goods fastly and cost-effectively. LTL shipping is used for moving mid-sized freight across the country. During LTL shipping, the freight is handled by various companies. Therefore, for successful LTL shipping, you should ensure the shipment is properly packed and prepared.

Here are some of the essential practices to prepare your shipment for LTL shipping:


You should measure the correct dimensions of your freight for successful LTL shipping. If you provide the correct measurements, it can help you avoid extra costs. It is the most crucial detail that helps transporters measure how much freight will fit in their truck and how best they can store it. This process benefits you largely and ensures smooth LTL shipping. Once your cargo is packaged, you must take the proper dimensions to avoid extra charges.

Packaging And Labeling

While preparing for an LTL shipment, It is one of the most important things you should consider. A properly packaged freight can be secured from drops and bumps. Loading your freight onto pallets or crates can also help prevent damage to your shipment. Pallets should be used for heavier goods, while crates are used to store lightweight items. In addition, you should place heavier goods at the bottom of the pallets and crates while lightweight units are on the top.

Bill Of Lading

Bill of lading is a must with LTL shipping. It acts as a sort of contract of carriage and all the details involved in the transaction. A bill of lading includes details such as what type of cargo is being shipped, packaging used, buyer, seller, and other parties involved in this process.


All the practices described above, once appropriately executed, result in successful LTL shipping. Having correct documents and good packaged or labeled cargo can benefit you largely and ensure smooth LTL shipping. In addition, it can avoid extra charges.

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